Mailing Tubes

Material: Polyethylene
Design style: Conical Bottom
Sterile: Non Available
Packaging: Bags
  • U.S.P. Class VII
  • Medical grade resin
  • Chemically inert
  • IATA 95kPa certified


  • Pressure tested - can be used for air transport safely.
  • Clear - extra clear resin shows contents.
  • Secure-thick walls prevent loss of sample from breakage or dropping.
  • Polyethylene is chemically safe.
  • In 5mL or 10mL sizes.

General Information

Leakproof freestanding mailing tubes with screw caps feature graduations at 1 ml increments
and a large frosted writing surface for convenient labeling and identification. Each tube is
molded from durable polypropylene, has a conical bottom, and a wide skirted base.
Polyethylene screw caps are included. Tubes are autoclavable (122°C) and lab tested and
certified to the IATA 95kPA standard for safe shipping of samples.

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