C-Pette Dispenser

Material: Styrene
Design style: Hand Inserted
Sterile: No
Packaging: Resealable Box
Order Number: 5-7630-500-000
  • Medical grade resin



  • Simple Intuitive Design
  • Medical grade pretested resin - can be used for most procedures.
  • Clear resin shows blood flow.
  • Available in two package sizes.

General Information

The C-Pette™ makes delivering sample into test cards and point of care cassettes simple and efficient. Since you don't have to open the primary sample tube any risk of exposure to biohazards is reduced. C-Pette™ is ideal for use with many point of care analyzers such as the Abbott® i-Stat®*. You can use the C-Pette™ with any analyzer that requires the delivery of a sample to a test cartridge.

*Abbott and I-Stat are trademarks of Abbott Laboratories.

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